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6" in 6 WEEKS?

Then this KICKBOXING Challenge is for YOU!

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Challenge starts Tuesday January 18th
45 minutes of High Energy Kickboxing Fun!
  Tuesday & Thursday 7:00PM 18 yrs and up! 
First Baptist Church 208 E 4th St Davison MI 48423  

Amy, 4th Grade Elementary School Teacher

Meg, Bank Branch Manager


Master Lyle is a 6th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Karate Vice President of Professional Karate Schools of America
Founder; Tuff Girls Fitness Program.
Author Amazon best seller: Taking a Stand Against Bullying
After a very abusive childhood, Master Lyle turned to martial arts at the age of seventeen. Today, with Forty three years of experience practicing karate and teaching self defense, he is making a difference in the lives of women and children every- where by sharing his story of being bullied and how he stood up against it. Teaching thousands of students and speaking to hundreds of elementary schools across the U.S, Master Lyle is on a mission to help women and children stand up for them- selves and others by rising above the bullying and violence in society today. His motto "Stronger Together
Empowering children, teens and adults to live a safe, 
fit, confident, life."
Space Limited-Claim your Spot NOW!
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